·        The natural result of being filled with God’s Spirit is the impulse to tell others of Christ.  If you have no desire to share Jesus, then your Christianity is very shallow.  You may hear people talk as if to help in various forms of missionary activity were a matter left to their own inclination.  It is not!  To help or not to help, to do nothing, leaving other people to work and give, shrugging off disinterestedness with a flippant, “Oh, my sympathies do not go in that direction,” is not a choice open to us who would obey Jesus Christ. Jesus clearly stated in the parable of the sheep and goats that service to the people in our communities and caring about those in need are not optional for Christians (Matthew 25:31-46).  Visiting the prisoners, feeding the hungry, caring for the ill, clothing the naked – Christians are to do these acts of love with counting the cost.  Christ told His followers exactly what He expected of them.