If we live with sin and without spiritual life, there can be no relationship with God. Without that relationship, we are all adrift in the sea of life without anyone to really depend on. To continue without that relationship, is to get by the best way we can until life is over – never knowing the true meaning of life or the plan God has for our lives.

Of course, God knew very well men would go their own way and try to be their own god. So He began working with them right where they were – teaching each generation a little more about His plan for mankind. As more people came into relationship with Him, God began to reveal that He intended to pay the penalty for man’s sin Himself. That Penalty was death, so He was to come to earth, as a human being, to die for the sins of the world. As the bible account progresses, prophets spelled out the details of the coming “Messiah.” In the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, we are given a detailed prophecy about the coming of the Messiah and His death. Later, we read the account of how He came and willingly died on a Roman cross for your sin and mine. Then, exactly according to prophecy, He was resurrected by the power of God. His name, of course is Jesus Christ.

         Because Jesus paid the death penalty and lives again, God offers eternal life to those who repent or turn away from sin. Eternal life is a free gift of God to those who don’t want to go their own way anymore – to those who believe that Jesus’ death paid for their sin and who receive Him into their hearts and lives. “the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23 KJV).